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We are a competition shooters club near Pontiac, IL. We offer organized shooting sports in benchrest rifle, highpower rifle and action pistol to qualified competitors. Our club offers a great opportunity to participate in shooting sports in a beautiful, safe and structured environment. Our sport is one of precision, knowledge and patience. This is a great way to spend a Saturday or Sunday enjoying shooting competition.

Our facility has 20 covered benches with stools for shooting up to 100 yards, 10 covered concrete benches for shooting at 200 yards, and an open 200 yard NRA reduced High Power Rifle Match range. We also have a covered 100 yard NRA reduced Garand, Springfield, M1 Carbine, Vintage & Modern Military range.

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Our Officers

Club Officers

Submitted by Greg Nicholl on Wed, 04/06/2016 - 01:02

David Warmker President - 815-257-8018

Dutch Cool  Vice President: - 815-867-7038

Jerry Rapp Secretary- 815-844-4220

Bill Henshaw Barnyard & CMP Match Director - 815-257-9030

Jon Bourne - Action Shooting Director

Gary Lopeman - Action Shooting Director

Ben Bradshaw - Action Shooting Director

Farrell Porter  - Vintage Rifle Director

Brad Raymond - Vintage Rifle Director

Ed Kammerman - Bullseye & Pistol Match Director

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