Welcome To Chief City Shooters Club

Competition Shooting is a demanding and rewarding sport. The sport asks a lot from the participant. The equipment tends to be expensive. The guns are usually precision machined by highly skilled machinists and gunsmiths. The other equipment such as spotting scopes, rests and wind flags are also expensive. The ammo is also precision manufactured. All of this will add up to a high figure with the possible exception of the Barnyard Benchrest division. The skills required are considerable. This is a game for those with a steady hand, patience and nerves of steel. When all is done well, a gust of wind can cause one to have a bad shot.


On the other hand, Competition Shooting gives considerable rewards also. The thrill of victory is considerable. The sport is held, in the case of our club, in beautiful outdoor surroundings. The club members often become close friends. There is the opportunity to have good fellowship with really nice people; in fact, sometimes it seems more like family. There is nothing like a relaxing day at the range to ease the stress of the week. This type of completion is both challenging and relaxing. If you think you would enjoy a good time in the great outdoors this may be the sport for you.



Good competition in the outdoors